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Clinical Teaching in Nursing Homes Integrating Clinical Experiences Into Your Curriculum
Case Study

Contacting the Potential Nursing Home Partner

Once you finish reading, close this e-mail to move on to the tour. Don’t forget to reference the original message at the bottom.

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Hi Participant:
Great to talk with you!

I have arranged a tour next Wednesday at 1 p.m. at our facility. Please ask for me at the reception desk when you arrive.

Thanks for the documents. I have forwarded them to my colleagues and we will review them to think about how a partnership with your school would work.

See you next week.


--------Original Message--------

Hi Susan:

This is a follow up to our phone conversation earlier today.

I am very excited to learn more about your facility and meet your staff! Thanks for agreeing to meet with me and provide a tour of Maple Village next week.

I would really like to discuss with you and your staff the potential learning experiences that we could create for students. I know that we both will need a lot of information and have questions. I hope that we could get those questions answered and information shared so that we could arrive at a mutually agreeable decision about the potential partnership between your facility and our school.

As promised, attached are our course syllabus and a description of the BSN curriculum so you can become familiar with our program. Please feel free to share it with your staff.

I look forward to hearing from you to confirm our meeting next week.


Sounds like Maple Village would be a great location for nursing students. Have you heard back from your contact about your meeting request?

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