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Clinical Teaching in Nursing Homes Integrating Clinical Experiences Into Your Curriculum
Case Study

Evaluating Clinical Experiences

Your school of nursing has a process for students to evaluate their clinical experience and the clinical site. They also ask the clinical site to do an evaluation of the experience with students and faculty. Review your to-do list. Complete each item by clicking the task on your phone.

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Hi Sandra:

Thanks for sending your evaluation of the clinical experience. I was so pleased that staff were positive about the students’ performance and the overall experience. I have the evaluations from the students and they were just as positive (See attached summary). I’d like to set up a time for us to meet to plan for the next clinical experience that will begin in a month. I think we learned a lot about what works well and I expect we both have ideas of how we can make this expereince even better for the students and your staff. I am particularly interested in talking about how we can work with your staff to provide them guidance in teaching our students. Let me know some dates and times that would work for you next week and feel free to invite other staff to the meeting.


The student surveys have been attached and the e-mail has been sent to Sandra.

How did your students like their clinical experience at Maple Village? Do you think you’ll partner with them again?

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