Additional Resources

Explore the following websites for more information about selecting nursing homes. Clicking on one of the titles below will reveal more information about the website.

  1. Advancing Excellence in America’s Nursing Homes

    This website has excellent resources to help nursing home staff achieve excellence in the quality of care and quality of life for nursing home residents. Click the “Resource” tab for webinars, implementation manuals, videos, and fact sheets for a variety of clinical issues (e.g., pressure ulcers) and organizational issues (e.g., staff turnover) in nursing homes.

  2. American Health Care Association (AHCA)

    The American Health Care Association is one of two national nursing home associations. This website is a good way to keep up with changing trends in nursing home care.

  3. Center for Nursing Excellence in Long-term Care

    This resource is targeted to registered nurses in nursing homes, acknowledging their pivotal role in quality care provided to nursing home residents. This would be a great resource to share with a school’s nursing home clinical partner.

  4. Leading Age

    Leading Age is one of two national nursing home associations. Regular review of the information on this website is a good way to keep up with changing trends in nursing home care.

  5. MDS 3.0 Forms and Manuals

    The Minimum Data Set (MDS) is used in all nursing homes; therefore, students and faculty should be very familiar with this federally-required interdisciplinary assessment.

  6. National Consumer Voice for Quality Long-term Care

    National Consumer Voice is a grass roots, consumer based organization dedicated to advocating for public policies that support quality care and life, and empowers educators, families, and consumers for quality long-term care.

  7. Pioneer Network

    This is the go to website for information on nursing home culture change and resident-directed care. The “For Providers” link has the most relevant resources to use for student learning. To provide students with a first-hand understanding of resident-directed care, click “Continuum of Person-Directed Culture” under the providers link.

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