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Clinical Teaching in Nursing Homes Integrating Clinical Experiences Into Your Curriculum
Case Study

Sharing Resources with Nursing Home Staff

Review your to-do list. Complete each item by clicking the task on your phone.

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Dear Susan:

Thanks so much for meeting with me. I think your staff came up with some terrific ideas for activities that would help students achieve our learning objectives. I plan to incorporate all of them into the clinical experience developed for the students. I also appreciate all the assistance with the logistics of the students’ experiences. As we agreed, Sandra, Director of Staff Development, will be my primary contact about the students’ experiences. I will follow up with her and send her weekly schedules of the students’ plans. This will help all the nursing staff manage expectations on the days we are at Maple Village.

I’ve had a while to think about how we might share resources with your staff. What do you think about the following to get us started?

Here is an idea that you may have included in your email:

Your nursing staff identifies one clinical topic they want to learn more about. Here are some ideas: assessment of depression; management of pain in cognitively impaired nursing home residents; use of complementary therapies to promote sleep. My students will find a current article about the topic and we will provide copies of the article for your staff. We would then schedule a 1-hour brown bag lunch with your nursing staff and my students to discuss the article.

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