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Clinical Teaching in Nursing Homes Integrating Clinical Experiences Into Your Curriculum
Case Study

Understanding Your Task

Once you finish reading this e-mail, close it, and check your to-do list on your smartphone.

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As we proceed with the implementation of our revised BSN curriculum, we will need to develop a clinical course in geriatric nursing that includes an 8-week practicum experience for students in a long-term care facility. I am assigning you to develop the clinical experience for the course.

As you know, students will be taking this course after they have completed two semesters in the Clinical Simulation Learning Center, the 3-credit course in Foundations of Professional Nursing, and a 6-week clinical experience in an acute care hospital. Nursing Care of Older Adults will be offered next spring semester and every semester thereafter.

I know that your experience and knowledge in geriatric nursing and clinical teaching in nursing homes will be invaluable to creating an exemplary course and clinical experience for students. Thank you for taking the leadership for this part of our curriculum.

Joyce West, RN, PhD
Director of the BSN program

Hey, I downloaded the same to-do list app on my smartphone. Sounds like a great idea to use it for the Nursing Care of Older Adults course you’re working on.

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