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Clinical Teaching in Nursing Homes Integrating Clinical Experiences Into Your Curriculum
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Researching Nursing Homes

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Nursing Care of Older Adults Learning Objectives:

These are examples of objectives that can be used to guide clinical learning experiences for students in nursing homes.

  1. Systematically utilize the nursing process to provide person-centered care for older adults experiencing multiple chronic health conditions.
  2. Provide safe, organized, person centered, and holistic care for a group of older adults in a long- term facility.
  3. Analyze the role and contribution of nurses in long- term care settings.
  4. Collaborate with other health professionals to facilitate person-centered client and family health.
  5. Critically review research publications and practice guidelines, and incorporate research evidence into nursing care for older adults.
  6. Demonstrate caring, ethical behavior and a commitment to the wellbeing of older adults and their families.

Notes from Successful Clinical Teaching in Nursing Homes workshop

Important considerations in selecting a long-term care facilities for student learning:

  • Facility has a reputation and evidence for providing quality care.
  • RN staffing is adequate so students have experiences with RNs and learn about their roles in the long-term care facility.
  • Facility has a person-centered care philosophy
  • Nursing care consists of evidence-based assessments and interventions

Useful tools:

  • Review Module 2: Nursing Home Environment and learn how to use the CMS Nursing Home Compare website through a simulation.
  • In Module 2: Nursing Home Environment, review the section on the Observable Indicators of Nursing Home Quality Instrument and the six dimensions of nursing home quality that are evaluated in that instrument.
  • To learn more about Person-Directed care in the nursing home setting, go to this website: http://www.pioneernetwork.net/Providers/Continuum/

I think that workshop was a great introduction to partnering with nursing homes. Did you check the electronic notes they sent to us after the session? Have you used the Nursing Home Compare website to find potential partners in our area? You can watch a demo to see how to use it in detail.

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